Spring Season Frequently Asked Questions


  • Nov 1: Early player registration opens ($300 early bird fee; $125 for Fours Clinic)
  • Nov 30: Early player registration ends
  • Dec 1: Regular player registration opens ($325 regular fee; $125 for Fours Clinic)
  • Jan 18: Regular player registration closes for Bronco, Mustang, Pinto
  • Jan 21: Mandatory Player Evaluations for Bronco, Mustang, Pinto
  • Jan 25: Regular player registration closes for Shetland
  • Jan 28: Mandatory Player Evaluations for Shetland
  • Jan 31: Player drafts for Mustang, Pinto-8, and Pinto-7
  • Feb 1: Player drafts for Bronco and Shetland 
  • Week of Feb 6: Preseason practices begin
  • Feb 25: First practice game
  • Mar 4: Second practice game
  • Mar 11: Opening Day game (Mustang, Pinto-8, Pinto-7, Shetland)
  • Mar 12: Opening Day game (Bronco)
  • Week of Mar 13: Weekday games begin for all divisions (except Shetland)
  • May 20: Championship Saturday; season ends

Q. How do I register my child?
A. All registration is done online. Click here to access our system. Registration officially closes about a week before evaluations so we can properly prepare for player assessments. However, please do note that all divisions usually sell out long before then.

Q. In what division will my child play?
A. A player’s division is determined by his/her age using guidelines set by PONY Baseball, our governing body on rules and regulations. You can find the age chart by clicking here.

Q. My child has no experience playing baseball. What level of skill is expected of the players? 
Toluca welcomes players of all skill levels and we enjoy introducing the game to those without any playing experience. While we normally see beginners in our younger divisions (Fours, Shetland), our volunteer managers are experienced with helping older kids gain the skills they need to enjoy the game.

Q. I think my child is better suited for a different division. How do I request to "play up" or "play down"?
Given the complexities involved with managing a process capable of objectively determining who is and isn't ready to do so, it has been a longstanding rule at Toluca not to allow any player to play up in an older or play down in a younger one regardless of skill level. They must play within their required age division as determined by PONY Baseball (click here). Please note that our Local Rules do allow for exceptions to be made in the case of verified physical and/or mental challenges; please contact our League Registrar via email (click here) for more details.

Q. I need to provide proof of age?
A. Yes but this is for new players only. Returning players do not need to provide proof of age again. Acceptable proof of age forms is a birth certificate or a valid passport. For more information about whether or not you are required to provide proof of age documentation, please click here

Q. My player has many obligations. Can I request a specific practice night?
A. Parents may indicate one practice night conflict only. If your player is drafted on another night that isn't ideal for his/her schedule, we will ask that you make accommodations. Every division will have a waiting list of interested players so we will offer those players with your spot if you are unable to make your practice day work. It is important to remember that once the regular season begins, games are played throughout the week on non-recurring days.

Q. Can I make a carpool request?
A. Carpool requests will be considered in the Shetland division ONLY. Our upper divisions have more than 600 families, so it is logistically impossible to equally consider all carpool requests. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this makes for you.

Q. Can I request a specific manager?
A. No. Only the children of the team's manager and assistant coach are guaranteed of being on that team.

Q. Can girls play at Toluca Baseball?
A. Absolutely! Every season we have a handful of girls playing on our fields and we'd love to see more!

Q. Do you offer refunds?
A. Registration refunds -- minus $25 -- will be available until midnight on the Monday following player evaluations. Thereafter, no refunds will be available.

Q. How does the Wait List work? When will I know if my child will be added?
A. It is common for all of our divisions to reach capacity before the end of our registration period. Because several factors are a moving target -- the final number of teams, availability of qualified managers, available field space, etc. -- we preliminarily set our cap at 11 players per team but seek to go into the season with 12 players per team. Once the division's preliminary cap is reached, all additional interested players may be registered without fee on our Wait List (see applicable "Wait List" categories on our registration page). Via this process, your child's details are timestamped, a critical component as we open up additional roster spots. Generally speaking, players are activated based on timestamp (so don't delay!), but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, if the division is short on qualified managers and a Wait List parent has experience leading a team, that child may be moved up the list. Second, Wait List players may be activated at any time during the period leading up to the first game of the regular season. Finally, once a roster spot is cleared, the registered parent will receive an email with instructions on how to pay; funds must be received within 24 hours or we'll move to the next player. For further questions, please contact our League Registrar via email (click here).

Q. I missed the registration deadline. Can I still sign up my child?
A. Possibly. Please contact our League Registrar via email (click here).

Q. When does the season begin and end?
Practices will begin the week of Feb 6. Championship Saturday is May 20.

Q. When are practices?
A. During the preseason, teams usually practice twice a week: one weekday night (usually starting around 4:00p, a little later when the clocks move forward) and Saturday (each team allotted about 90 minutes at TBD start times). The specific weekday and practice times are determined by the manager. During the preseason, there will be one weekday practice and a Saturday practice or practice game. During the regular season, there will be one weekday game (on a non-recurring night) and a Saturday game (except for Shetland, which will continue weekday practice during the week).

Q. How many games will be played?
A. Our upper divisions (Bronco, Mustang, Pinto) will play two practice games, 15 regular season games (two per week; one during the week and one on Saturdays), and at least one playoff game. Shetland teams play 10 games. There are no games in our Fours Division.

Q. When are evaluations?
A. Jan 21 for Bronco, Mustang, and Pinto; Jan 28 for Shetland. There are no evaluations for our Fours Clinic. Each division is evaluated separately, by age. We will publish arrival times in early January.

Q. I’m not sure my child’s “league age.” When should I arrive?
A. A player’s league age is determined by PONY Baseball, our governing body on rules and regulations. You can find the age chart by clicking here.

Q. My kid is really busy. Must we show up at our designated time?
A. We ask that you please try to show up in your “age appropriate” window so as not to create a backlog of players. However, if you are unable to be evaluated at your designated time, that’s okay. Please sign in at the table and your player will be placed in a group.

Q. Will there be makeup evaluations?
A. We do not offer makeup days. In an effort to maintain balance throughout the divisions, we encourage you to attend your evaluation. If you child is unable to attend, the league will work with current managers to determine an appropriate score for your child which may or may not be reflective of their current talent level.

Q. What equipment should my child bring?
A. At a minimum, your player will need a mitt. Ideally, they’ll also have a bat, a hat, a helmet, and molded cleats (metal spikes are illegal at Toluca). If you don't have these things, the league will provide them for evaluations. Importantly, a protective cup is recommended but not mandatory for evaluations. Once the season begins, a protective cup is mandatory for all practices and games.

Q. How long should we expect to be at evaluations?
A. Once your player’s name is called, the evaluation will take about five minutes. It includes hitting, running, fielding ground balls/pop-ups and throwing. The length of time you’re at the field will depend on how many participants show up at their appropriate times. Just in case, we suggest you plan to be at the park for about an hour.

Q. What happens after evaluations?
A. Players drafts will be held on the last week of January (specific day depends on division). From there, managers will directly contact the families of those players they drafted.

Q. Can I request a trade after the draft?
A. Except in extreme situations, no trades will be facilitated following the draft.

Q. Do you need volunteers?
A. Toluca is an all-volunteer league without a payroll. Accordingly, we’re always looking for volunteers. On evaluation day, please raise your hand if someone asks you to help with check-in or shag some balls in the outfield. As they say, it takes a village…

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