The PINTO Division is made up of two sub-divisions, one comprised of league-age seven-year-olds, the other comprised of league-age eight-year-olds. The players get their first taste of competitive baseball, but never at the expense of learning the valuable fundamentals of hitting, running the basepaths, and fielding. Seven-year-olds play on 55-foot bases, and the eight-year-olds play on 60-foot basepaths due to their greater arm strength and accuracy. During our fall season, Pinto is combined into a single division with league-age seven- and eight-year-olds.

  • Players who are ages 7 or 8 as of April 30, 2018
  • 60′ basepaths and 38′ pitching mound
  • Uses a combination of coach- and kid-pitch
  • Games are played at a competitive level and standings are kept
  • Players attend evaluations and will be drafted onto team designed to ensure parity
  • Two events per week: one weekday (practice or game), Saturday (game)
  • Events held at North Weddington Park Fields 1 & 2


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