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Toluca Baseball is an all-volunteer league that needs your help even if it’s only a few hours here and there. Please contact Bess Meyer to learn about volunteer opportunities. Thanks!

How to Contact Us
Toluca Baseball
P.O. Box 2171
Toluca Lake, CA 91610
Email: contact@tolucabaseball.com
Fax: 888-899-9004

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Executive Committee
Co-Presidents: Bess Meyer* & Tucker Smith*
Vice President, Business Affairs: Andy Howard*
Treasurer: David Abdo*
Secretary: Liz Heron*
Auxiliary Members: Jay Ackerman* & Paul Park*

Division Commissioners & Rules Committee
Pony (league ages 13-14) via East Valley: Frank Miceli*
Bronco (league ages 11-12): Tucker Smith*
Mustang (league ages 9-10): Steven Karczynski
Pinto-8 (league age 8): Andrews Greenleaf*
Pinto-7 (league age 7): Andrews Greenleaf
Shetland (league ages 5-6): Loren Barton*
Fours Clinic (league age 4): Chris Holmes*
Travel/All-Star/Cooperstown Teams: Paul Park*

Additional Roles 
Registrar: Jeff Kuntz*
Field Maintenance: Andy Howard*
Webmaster: Liz Heron*
Social Media Presence: volunteer needed
Manager/Player Development: Dan Keller (Dugout Captain)
Team Equipment Manager: Clark Wells*
Field Equipment Manager: volunteer needed
Photo Day: Erik Rehder
Film Liaison: volunteer needed
Scheduling: Bradley Peterson* & Mike Lifrak*
Trophies: Frank Miceli*
Umpire Oversight & Scheduling: Tucker Smith*
Team Parent Coordinator: Nicola Howard
Spiritwear: volunteer needed
Hats & Jerseys: Tucker Smith*
Yearbook: Jo Dee Freck*
Legal Advisor: Mike Lifrak*

Other Board Members
Diana Dibie*
Kraig Freck*
Scott Sterling*

* elected member of the Toluca Baseball Board of Directors

Past League Presidents
2015-16: Brenda Hailey
2014-15: Paul Park
2013-14: Brendan Huffman
2012-13: Tony Rolando
2011-12: Tony Rolando
2010-11: Doug Savant
2009-10: Andrew Feola
2008-09: Andrew Feola
2007-08: Andrew Feola
2006-07: Shawnda Hughes
2005-06: Joyce Aiello
2004-05: Joyce Aiello
2003-02: Chris Wilson
2002-01: Chris Wilson
2001-02: Chris Wilson

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