Manager Application

Thank you for your interest in serving as a manager (head coach) at Toluca Baseball this upcoming season. By completing this application, your name will be formally submitted to the league’s Executive Committee and be reviewed alongside all applications. We will select those who have demonstrated past effectiveness as managers and/or consistently shown their support for Toluca Baseball’s player development goals and codes of conduct. Decisions will be made about two weeks prior to the player evaluations.

By submitting this application, you agree to the following:

  • To full understand and comply with Toluca Baseball’s rules of play and codes of conduct (player, parent, and coach)
  • To model and promote the League’s positive culture
  • To attend a pre-season coaches’ workshop to be scheduled at the beginning of each season
  • To attend both the player evaluation and the draft
  • To attend most if not all games and team practices throughout the season
  • To submit to a Live Scan background check (new managers only)
  • To be open to input from the League’s leadership
  • To demonstrate open and honest communication with players, parents and the league
  • To consistently fulfill the responsibilities of a manager/coach as outlined in the Coaches’ Code of Conduct including, but not limited to, creating a positive environment for everyone to succeed to their best of their interests and abilities, fair and positive influence on players, field and dugout maintenance, preparation of drills for practices, the creation of lineups for games, etc.

Again, thanks for raising your hand for this important role. Please recognize that the league's manager selection process is subjective and imperfect as it is executed by volunteers with limited resources. Thank you in advance for supporting the league regardless of our decision.

Name of Child in that Division
Name of Desired Asst. Coach
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Have you ever been disciplined by Toluca Baseball or another League

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