Evaluation schedule for Spring 2018:

DivisionLeague AgeDateStart TimeField
Bronco12Jan 2012:00p3
Bronco11Jan 202:00p3
Mustang10Jan 208:30a2
Mustang9Jan 2011:00a2
Pinto8Jan 209:00a1
Pinto7Jan 2012:00p1
Shetland6Jan 219:00a4S
Shetland5Jan 2111:30a4S



Q. What is my player's league age?
A. You can find our "player's league age" chart by  clicking here. This is important to know so you're aware of your evaluation window.

Q. My kid is really busy. Must we show up at our designated time?
A. We ask that you please show up in your “age” window so as not to create a backlog of players. However, if you are unable to be evaluated at your designated time, that’s okay. Please sign in at the table and your player will be placed in a group.

Q. Will there be makeup evaluations?
A. We do not offer makeup days. In an effort to maintain balance throughout the divisions, we encourage you to attend your evaluation. If you child is unable to attend, the league will work with current managers to determine an appropriate score for your child which may or may not be reflective of their current talent level.

Q. What equipment should my child bring?
A. At a minimum, your player will need a mitt. Ideally, they’ll also have a bat, a hat, a helmet, and molded cleats (metal spikes are illegal at Toluca). If you don't have these things, the league will provide them for evaluations. Importantly, a protective cup is recommended but not mandatory for evaluations. Once the season begins, a protective cup is mandatory for all practices and games.

Q. How long should we expect to be at evaluations?
A. Once your player’s name is called, the evaluation will take about five minutes. It includes hitting, running, fielding ground balls/pop-ups and throwing. The length of time you’re at the field will depend on how many participants show up at their appropriate times. Just in case, we suggest you plan to be at the park for about an hour.

Q. What happens after evaluations?
A. Players drafts will be held on the weekend of January 20, 2018. From there, managers will directly contact the families of those players they drafted.  

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