Toluca Baseball proudly supports a Travel Division, an additional playing opportunity for Toluca-registered players who, together with his/her parents, desires a more competitive environment in addition to Toluca's recreational season. We offer three types of opportunities:

Travel Teams: These are single-age teams that represent Toluca Baseball in area "travel" leagues and/or tournaments where they play against representatives from other area recreational leagues as well as club teams. Generally run on a year-round basis -- often including the PONY Baseball All-Star Tournament -- league leadership does not schedule the travel team practices or games. Instead, a league-approved general manager, in consultation with the families on that team, will determine when and where the team plays and how much each individual player will play. There is a separate fee and scholarships are not offered.

All-Star Teams: For those families who seek to extend the spring season by playing summer tournament baseball, we offer a path to create an All-Star team. Teams are formed by a volunteer general manager and can opt to play in the fully-sanctioned PONY Baseball All-Star Tournament or one of the many other tournaments held throughout Southern California. While travel teams operate somewhat autonomously, the league is more closely involved with those forming All-Star Teams, including the player selection process (see below), uniforms and schedules.

Cooperstown Team: Exclusively for our league-age 12-year-old players, the league sends up to three different teams to play at Dreams Park in Cooperstown, N.Y. Dating back many years, this once-in-a-lifetime tournament has served as a youth baseball culmination event for dozens of Toluca teams. Teams interested in attending must fund participation on a 100% basis but the league offers advice -- and provides the mandatory entry ticket -- to make this dream a reality.

To ready players to compete at the highest level in pay-for-play and invitational tournaments as well as in leagues sponsored by such governing bodies as PONY, CABA, AAU, AABC and USSSA. 

A Travel Commissioner, accountable to the league's Executive Committee, will oversee the Travel Division, including all rules and regulations governing managers, coaches, players and parents in the Toluca Classic Program. Toluca's Codes of Conduct are applicable and will be enforced. For the 2016-17 season, our Travel Commissioner is Paul Park (email by clicking here).

Travel Team Guidelines
All-Star Team Guidelines
Cooperstown Team Policies


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